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Adept Benefits specializes in employee benefits, risk management and compliance. We are passionate about helping companies succeed, seeing employees thrive, and changing the employee benefits system from the inside out.

Whether you are a small, medium, or large employer, Adept Benefits can help you design and manage a comprehensive and cost-effective benefit plan.

With our fully customized solutions, employers can reduce their benefits spending by more than 30% in the first year alone.

Our Commitment to Clients

We are committed to meeting your company's healthcare needs. We promise outstanding service and are 100% aligned to your best interests.

  • When you contact us, we return your call promptly.
  • When you have a question, we find the right answer.
  • When your employees need help with claims, we advocate for them.
  • When it's time for plan renewal, we negotiate like it's for our own company.

About our Founder

Megan (Cook) Narrance is the founder and president of Adept Benefits. After a decade in the industry, Megan grew disenchanted with the status quo - a dysfunctional American healthcare system with out-of-control costs. She founded Adept Benefits to break the cycle of annual cost increases and make sure employers get the value they pay for.

Megan is an experienced, well-respected strategist whose biggest strengths are her drive and compassion for taking care of people. She was among the charter class of 30 advisors to be certified by Health Rosetta, a nonprofit that accelerates adoption of simple, practical, non-partisan fixes to our healthcare system.