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Case Study: Manufacturing


A manufacturing business had experienced double-digit rate increases for 3 years prior to working with Adept Benefits.


  • Family-owned manufacturing business

  • 170 covered lives

  • Provided a $500 deductible plan with a 100% contribution for employees and dependents.

  • Low turn-over, aging demographics

The Challenge:

For several years they received double-digit rate increases from their broker. They increased the deductible, copays, out of pocket maximum and implemented a HRA (health reimbursement arrangement) to help reduce costs. Costs continued to escalate at a much higher percentage than employees were receiving wage increases.

The Solution:

Through our employee benefit plans and strategy the initial savings was 30% with the expected closer to 50%. We substantially reduced the employer's cost while simultaneously providing substantially reduced healthcare costs for employees. In many cases employees can receive free healthcare for provider visits, diagnostic lab & x-ray, outpatient surgery and many prescriptions.

Healthcare should be affordable, and we make this possible for the clients who engage with us.

Savings:  $323,677

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